Marshall-James with domestic and multi-national employers on all matters relating to Industrial Relations, Employee Relations, Freedom of Association and Global Unions.

We also conduct investigations into grievances and bullying/harassment claims, recruit permanent and interim ER/IR specialists and train managers in practical IR and ER skills

Employers have to constantly change and adapt to new challenges and technology. To do this without causing disruption or damaging employee relations can be difficult.    
We take a practical, effective approach in enabling employers to remove the barriers that prevent improvements in productivity, flexibility and efficiency.

Get in touch with us, if:

  • Working practices, terms and conditions or collective agreements need modernising to reduce inefficiencies and a lack of flexibility.
  • Change is difficult to achieve due to a nervousness around risk, disruption or lack of management capability.
  • Your workplace is facing an immediate crisis or challenge relating to an employee relations or union issue that you need an external, non-legal perspective on.



Power to the humans

Unions can help control the role of automation and AI in workplaces so it enhances employees’ lives rather than harms them. Technology may see the downfall of human beings as it outpaces our ability to adapt to it, some experts say. It’s a rather extreme view but the speed of advancement in digitalisation is staggering.

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Let’s talk money

Three working days into the new year was the point at which earnings of bosses at top companies had already surpassed what a typical British worker would make in an entire year. The ratio of CEO pay to the average full-time worker is 120:1, according to research from the High Pay Centre and CIPD. Average

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Marshall-James helped us with a very challenging industrial relations situation that there seemed no way out of. When we worked with Andy and the team to understand the issues and put solutions in place things improved rapidly. We have managed to achieve agreements on a number of issues which had reached deadlock before.

Divisional HRD, Multinational FMCG

Marshall-James helped us identify opportunities for improving productivity at a time when costs and performance were incredibly challenging. They worked with us to manage risk and implement the changes, involving all our stakeholders, which made a significant positive impact on our performance.

CEO of Global Logistics company

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