Employee Relations in a Non-unionised Workplace

Ideal for Line Managers and HR professionals who want to develop their Employee Relations skills

Organisations that invest in and build their Employee Relations have a much better chance of increasing productivity, being more efficient and benefitting from the discretionary effort of Employees. However, many employers don’t offer development to managers and HR professionals in the basics of Employee Relations and are then surprised and disappointed when change and improvements become difficult and stuck.

This workshop offers attendees the opportunity to gain an excellent understanding of how to build Employee Relations and trust across the workplace. These are key components that go into making a success of Employee Relations, with techniques and tips on unblocking issues and how to put these into practice in the workplace.

Why attend this Workshop?

This workshop offers a fantastic opportunity for individuals to develop their confidence, skills, knowledge and understanding in a safe, productive environment alongside other professionals. Sharing experiences with peers can be invaluable in developing an individual’s Employee Relations skills.

Employee Relations skills are difficult to learn from a book due to the very practical nature of what makes Employee Relations effective. This workshop offers the right blend of experiential learning, overlaid with simple models, discussion and case study. The benefit will be long lasting. The tailored plan and actions developed during the workshop can be taken back and applied in the workplace.

Who is this Workshop for?

  • HR Professionals
  • Employee Relations Professionals
  • Line Managers
  • Employee Engagement/Communications Professionals

Structure and Content

  • Why Employee Relations are important
  • What does an Employee Relations strategy look like and how to implement it
  • What are the key components to good Employee Relations, such as employee voice, employee consultation, communications and senior management buy-in
  • How employers’ can utilise Employee Relations to make change and improvements
  • How to unblock difficult situations and unblock change
  • How to build good communications throughout the organisation
  • Brings the content together into plans and actions for attendees.

What will I get out of this Workshop?

  • An excellent understanding of why Employee Relations is vital in all organisations
  • How Employee Relations facilitates change and enables improvements to productivity and efficiency
  • Understanding of the key components to good Employee Relations and how to put them in place
  • Methods for building good internal communications and engagement with employees
  • Tools and techniques for unblocking difficult situations
  • A model for communications that is simple to use but highly effective
  • A plan and actions to take back to the workplace

About the presenters

This workshop will be led and facilitated by Andy Cook. Andy has a long track record of working with domestic and global businesses on Employee Relations strategies and issues. For more information, please click here.

This workshop can also be offered in-house – please get in touch with Marshall-James to find out more.