Grievance & Disciplinary Investigations

Grievance and Disciplinary investigations can be a serious drain on an Employers’ resources. Line managers have their day-to-day work to focus on, while HR professionals rarely have the capacity to conduct investigations. And then there are the cases that drag on which impact morale but also may impact sick leave and time on spent on suspension.

Yet Employers have no option – running investigations anything less than properly can risk losing the case at Tribunal.

Marshall-James will expertly and credibly conduct investigations into Grievance and Disciplinary matters on behalf of the Employer. We can do this quicker because our time is dedicated to the investigation, rather than a line manager who has to juggle the investigation with the rest of their workload.

Once the investigation is complete, the report is handed over to the appropriate manager, with clear findings, to make the most informed decision.

Marshall-James work with clients on one-off cases, as part of a framework agreement or on a fully outsourced basis. We have national coverage and all our investigators are experienced in their field.

Typical Investigations include:

  • Grievances arising from Employee or Contractor complaints against Employers or other Employees
  • Bullying, harassment, unfair treatment and discrimination
  • Pay decisions
  • Redundancy selection
  • Appeal hearings
  • Whistle-blowing
  • Disciplinary investigations arising from an Employee’s behaviour or actions including:
    – Bullying, harassment and discrimination
    – Misconduct and gross misconduct
  • Appeal hearings

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