Industrial Relations

For a long while, some commentators, academics and practitioners pushed the view that Industrial Relations and Unions in the UK were finished.

However, that was wrong. Unions are still very much a part of working life and with that comes Industrial Relations challenges.

Strong, practical experience in Industrial Relations is difficult to find. Employers find IR and ER roles difficult to fill. And it’s very difficult for most employees to get experience because really, the only way to do that is to be in the room with Unions. Most employment lawyers in the UK don’t have that experience.

There is no substitute for experience and wisdom. At Marshall-James, we have just that. Built up from many situations, disputes, challenges and arguments, there is very little we have not seen.

Some examples of our Industrial Relations work:

  • Crisis Management – working with organisations in the event of a dispute and/or strike.
  • Coaching Managers through difficult negotiations
  • Changing collective bargaining agreements
  • Reviewing and drafting recognition agreements
  • IR strategy
  • Training managers in IR
  • Leading negotiations if required
  • Recognition and CAC requests

Remember, we are not Lawyers, but experienced, skilled practitioners who have worked with some of the largest domestic and global employers, together with domestic and Global Trade Unions.

So, if you need advice, guidance, coaching or training in any matters relating to Industrial Relations, call us on +44 (0) 20 3021 3970.