Freedom of Association

Many employers and global brands struggle with how to practically implement their obligations to meaningful Freedom of Association, particularly through their global supply chains. Being a global brand brings many responsibilities to comply with various conventions, charters and commitments and the very real risk of reputational damage through breaches of these requirements.

Global labour organisations can be very quick to publicly criticise, often triggering a serious of campaigns through unions, NGOs and other organisations. Brands often report that the campaigns don’t reflect the true situation. The principles behind Freedom of Association are deep rooted in International Labour Organisation Conventions and yet remain, for some, the most difficult to implement, particularly with a “one-size fits all approach” that covers many different countries and cultures.

We work with global brands and employers, giving practical advice on strategy, implementing local solutions and developing the knowledge and skills of local teams, managers, suppliers and factories. The result is a clear path to navigate through this difficult subject; minimising risk, from Head Office to Factory. We know and have seen what works.

Our experience of working with International Labour Organisations, The Ethical Trading Initiative, Better Work/Factories, Global Labour Unions, NGOs and Domestic Governments and Employers groups brings significant advantage and knowledge to our clients.

Our workshops, run regularly, in the UK, USA, Hong Kong and Thailand on Freedom of Association and practical implementation through supply chain, are very popular. For More details and booking click here. We also run workshops and training for brands in locations they choose.

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