Welcome to the Marshall-James Executive
Resourcing Practice.

We specialise in roles where there’s a requirement for expertise in Employee Relations, Employee Engagement, Industrial Relations, Workplace Communications. So, senior HR Jobs, such as HR Directors and Heads of HR, together with Heads of ER/IR and internal comms are typical of the roles we fill.


Our specialist knowledge and expertise means that we limit the big uncertainties around filling these specialist roles, whether on a permanent or interim basis. We make the process more exact, quicker and easier for clients and candidates.


Through our Advisory Practice we work daily to overcome the challenges facing businesses and know the structures, roles and skills that are being put in place to deliver the best results.


Working with Marshall-James is a straight forward and personable experience, so if you’d like an informal converstaion please get in touch.

Looking for Talent?


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We have what it takes to find the right person, if you’re a client and the right role, if you’re a candidate.