Setting Up An Employee Forum

The Challenge:

An internationally owned manufacturing business employing 6300 people worldwide? We wanted to move away from its existing Employee Representative platforms. The platforms had become dysfunctional and no longer reflected Employer or Employee requirements for an engaged and mature relationship.

The Solution:

Establish an Employee Forum to provide a realistic, viable and attractive alternative to existing meetings, fora and representative frameworks.

The Approach:

  1. Canvass Employees about what good engagement looks like, thus shaping the role and modus operandi of the forum.
  2. Develop Internal Communications with messages, media and timing that rang true with Employees.
  3. Create governance and mechanics around the selection of Employee Representatives and running and reporting of forum activities and outcomes.
  4. Run line management awareness sessions to ensure managers understand their role within the forum and don’t feel disenfranchised.
  5. Host awareness sessions for elected Employee Representatives to ensure they understand boundaries of the role, expected behaviours and forum values.

The Results:

  • High turnout for Employee Representative elections, evidencing positive buy-in.
  • Line management sessions well-received, showing that managers felt part of process and solution.
  • Employee Representatives trawl for agenda items and plan content of meeting, demonstrating high sense of ownership.
  • Dynamic communications between Forum members, Employee Representatives and Employees – forum had meaning and worked.

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