Line Management Development & Awareness

The Challenge:

Two Employers from the Transport Sector were merging, a step which involved bringing together their two workforces with a total of 8,300 Employees. This presented an integrational challenge by dint of the fact that one business had an extremely oppositional Employee Relations (ER) landscape. This had the potential to negatively impact the merger and derail the gains expected from the new entity.

The Solution:

Revamp the quality of Internal Communications to all Employees, concentrating its focus on the role of line management as the lynchpin between Employee and Employer.

The Approach:

  1. Establish Employee evaluation of line managers as communicators.
  2. Deliver communications programme highlighting value of Employer-Employee direct communications.
  3. Run workshops with line managers:
    – Develop adult-to-adult Employee Relations agenda and appropriate awareness of it.
    – Analysis of difference between direct and indirect Employee Engagement.
    – Communications hints and tips on how to address challenges of allying two ways of working, cultures, value sets and other issues.
    – FAQ session on myths, what could go wrong and more.

The Results:

  • Merger took place without loss of production – employees opted for a direct relationship with employer.
  • Merger successful – gains realised and windfall for all employees secured.
  • Employer used experience to create new recognition programme for Employees – showed line managers were listening and could influence.

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