Grievance & Disciplinary Investigations

The Challenge:

A UK based plc in the logistics sector with 13,500 Employees was experiencing increasing quantities of, and ever-more complex grievances raised by Employees and escalated by line management. Their HR department was under-resourced both by way of capability and capacity to address this increased workload, while line management was not trained to deal with the more complex cases. Excessive direct and indirect management and HR time was also being consumed by the sapping workload.

The Solution:

Separate what’s reasonable for line management and HR business partners to address from more complex or time-consuming matters. Develop a partnership framework with HR department to ensure roles and accountabilities are understood and delivered.

The Approach:

  1. Analyse profile of existing caseload to establish projected workflows.
  2. Develop and agree process maps that all stakeholders can follow.
  3. Devise and sign off IT infrastructure they will deliver secure case reporting, tracking and analysis.
  4. Create communications programme for line management, Employees, Employee Representatives and other stakeholders to embed understanding of how the partnership will work.
  5. Lead regular account review sessions with sponsor to ensure partnership is delivering objectives agreed.

The Results:

  • HR personnel freed to focus on strategic, added-value work.
  • Line managers clearer on what needs to be escalated vs. dealt with within the line.
  • Reduction in time taken to close cases.
  • Fewer cases triggering full Grievance & Disciplinary process.

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