Creating An Employee Relations Strategy

The Challenge:

International Banking Organisation’s Employee Relations (ER) strategy driven from its US head office was not chiming with UK culture or Employee requirements. Employees simply weren’t identifying with the Employer’s communications, company vision and overall direction. Absenteeism was increasing, the numbers and protracted nature of grievances were rising and Employees were shunning Employer-sponsored ‘celebration’ events.

The Solution:

Devise and deliver an Employee Relations strategy, which Employees embraced and which delivered improvements to HR-related metrics.

The Approach:

  1. Establish climate metrics that clarify what is missing, why and the impact on Employees.
  2. Analyse how US-generated head office edicts can be built on to ensure UK Employee Relations strategy is aligned to global requirements.
  3. Revise Internal Communications:
    – Content – is this what Employees need to know, how does it impact them?
    – Media – does media used reflect Employees’ profiles, how do they communicate with each other?
    – Timing – introduce the ‘You’ve Heard It Here First’ principle.
  4. Clarify roles of line management, Employee Representatives and support functions such as Internal Communications and IT.
  5. Deliver awareness training where required such as line management and support teams.

The Results:

  • Climate survey showed heightened sense of employee engagement.
  • HR metrics improved steadily – ie, in reductions in absenteeism.
  • Employer translated global Employee Relations strategy effectively – improved alignment.
  • Greater engagement in Employer-led events and meetings.

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