Most organisations have the potential to improve and modernise their employment framework. We work with senior teams to identify the possibilities and the associated risk, leading to a clear strategy and plan for change.

We also work with employers who are facing difficult industrial relations, disputes and strikes. We support management teams with our extensive experience of these situations, offering tailored guidance based on our in-depth understanding.

Enabling Change

Achieving change in any workplace can be tough. Particularly in those where agreements, working practices and terms and conditions need modernising but are rigorously defended.

Our goal is always to achieve change through agreement. However, sometimes change has to be imposed. Our highly experienced team take a practical approach: we don’t come armed with “consultancy models.” Instead, we achieve change through engagement, communication and consultation.

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Executive Recruitment

Our permanent and interim recruitment practice matches people with the right skills, competence and experience to your senior HR and specialist employee relations, industrial relations and internal communications vacancies. We also supply project managers for change and transformation programmes.

Thanks to our extensive network and experience in the field, we know the skills you need and the people who can provide them. Unlike many of our competitors, we don’t hand over an unfiltered list of people. Whether you need a professional for a permanent role or an interim position, we use our insight and knowledge to deliver only the candidates that match your exact requirements.

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Line Manager Training

We believe strongly in knowledge transfer. We have a number of one-day workshops available for managers which build knowledge, confidence and competence in subjects relating to unions, industrial relations, employee relations and negotiations. We also offer a joint workshop for managers and union representatives along with a workshop for non-unionised employee representatives.

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